The New Citizen Project helps refugees successfully integrate into local communities by facilitating the civic assimilation and employment process, which strengthens local communities and businesses. By
empowering the next generation of citizens, we can ensure the continued prosperity of our society and democracy.

By helping refugees find gainful employment, we also help our communities become a better place to live for all of us. Integrating refugees into the local workforce helps local businesses large and small, generates tax revenue, and creates responsible new citizens who are ready to make positive contributions to our society.

We encourage everyone to be an active community member, not just to help the most vulnerable among us, but also to help ourselves. We recognize that there are countless causes that you could choose to support, and we deeply appreciate your choice to support our organization.

There are many ways you can get involved and become a part of the New Citizen Project:

1) As a business owner, you can partner with our organization in providing employment opportunities for skilled newcomers.

2) As the director of an NGO or media platform, you can partner with New Citizen Project in educating the public and engaging government officials and about the urgent issues affecting our community.

3) You can donate your time and volunteer as a mentor for recent newcomers.

4) You can also support our work by making a financial donation online or by mail, which is tax deductible under federal law

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Please send the donation and completed form to:

New Citizen Project
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