Syed Ali Saeed is an Indiana University School of Law Graduate with a background in Mechanical Engineering. He is a trial lawyer with a strong passion to help debtors break through the shackles of cyclical poverty by fighting for debtors rights and ensuring that justice is not rendered based on a sliding scale of financial wherewithal. Ali is a member of National Association of Consumer Advocates and is currently involved in several litigations against Debt Collectors and Mortgage Companies.

Ali has successfully litigated several consumer class actions and individual cases against some of the largest banks and debt collections companies in the world. Most notably, Ali was recently involved with the largest Telephone Consumer Protection Act class action settlement in the history of that consumer statute against Bank of America.

Saeed is also heavily involved in the local Indiana Community. He is on the board of Seeds of Learning, a non-for Profit Corporation aimed at promoting education in third world countries. He has also served as the director of legal services for MAI Legal Services for over two year. MAI Legal Services was a local non-for profit organization that rendered legal services to victims of domestic violence as well as refugees and asylees. He has also been: a panelist on several episodes of a local political talk show; a modest means attorney for MAI Legal Services; Guest Diversity trainer for Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA); and the Convention Chair for the Muslim Alliance of Indiana Annual Convention.