Shelbi is a US citizen who is passionate about working with refugee and immigrant populations. Her grandfather, who came to the United States as a refugee from Soviet occupied Eastern Germany, is her inspiration in helping others achieve better lives for themselves.

Shelbi received her bachelor’s in Psychology at Purdue University in 2013 and is currently studying in Ireland at University College Cork. She is in the Masters of Applied Psychology program and her current project is studying how young Pakistani immigrants in Ireland utilize social media to maintain family and friend relationships. Her hope is to engage in research that will allow better understanding of those who are integrating into new cultures and for better supports to those adjusting to life in a new country.

Shelbi has gained experience working in the non-profit sector with Specialized Alternatives for Family and Youth, a foster care agency located throughout the United States, as a case manager. She also currently works as a research assistant for a Non-Government Agency, Nasc, in Ireland. Nasc is an immigration support center that provides free legal assistance to refugees an asylum seekers. They also are campaigning for Safe Passage rights for family reunification in Europe.

Compassion and empowerment are the two things that Shelbi believes make a difference for those who are starting life fresh in a new country. As someone who is experiencing what it is to start life in a new place, she knows any act of kindness is something that has endless worth. These things are what drives her to work with organizations such as New Citizen Project which give people hope for their future.