As immigrant to the United States himself, Shahbaz Salehi is very familiar with the struggles that are required to settle in into a new country. This is why he started, “New Citizen Project” a non-profit organization with the aim to help refugees thrive and truly achieve that sought-after American dream.

The organization helps people find jobs, tutoring opportunities and more, allowing them to start moving the very first steps to freedom, productivity and happiness in this remarkable country. Boasting significant experience in management, both in the private and public sector, Shahbaz has been working within the health care and hospital industry for several years, making use of his advanced skills and leadership principles in order to direct teams across several professional tasks and oversee different projects and aspects of managing an infrastructure as complex as a hospital.

His passion for helping new immigrants enjoy the same opportunities that led to his success is one of the many reasons why he decided to dedicate his time, experience and effort to “New Citizen Project”.

If you want to be involved in this new forward-thinking venture as a donor, please get in touch and find out how you can help us make the difference in the life of many immigrants who come to the US looking for a better future.